Traffic hazards at this busy junction led to the removal of this Inn and the adjoining building in 1971. When the ten massive pillars, supporting the second extension to the original brick viaduct, were erected in 1861 Old Shoreham Road was little more than a farm track leading uphill to the Dyke Road, and between the bridge and York Grove it is little wider to this very day! Judging by the condition of the kerbing and channelling these stones may well be the originals. The letters of the inset stone are a puzzle. LB & SC obviously means London Brighton and South Coast (the Railway) but what does HL stand for? Of course – HL Henry Longhurst!

Image Reference: JG_10a_155.tif
Date: 1969
Image Details: Original monochrome print
Size of Original: 153x109
Place: Brighton
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